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What is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored Content is a brand-sponsored article that lives on a media publisher’s website. It looks and reads like the publications own content but is, in fact, a paid advertisement. It positions the brand as an expert by delivering interesting content that is relevant to a publisher’s audience. As we move further down the digital road, it’s important to connect with your audience online. Not merely advertise products and services…spark interest, answer questions, educate readers with valuable information. One example of this would be for a Realtor to sponsor an article on“How to turn your Basement Suite into a Rental Unit?”A Travel Agency could talk about “5 Best Trips to Cure the Winter Blues!”Maybe a Yoga Studio discusses “The Health Benefits of Maintaining a Good Work-Life Balance?” The general idea is to provide your audience with helpful, interesting, even must read articles…sponsored by your business of course! It’s a softer, but more memorable sell, presented in a journalistic style. Sponsored Content builds brand trust & credibility, when used effectively can drive online traffic and engagement by leaps and bounds!!

Neeta Dhillon
Digital Media Specialist

Glacier Media Digital

303 W 5th Ave, 
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1C4

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What are some expenses I should be prepared for when our family picks up our puppy?

Being prepared for your puppy is a great idea! Some things to make sure you have a budget for are: Veterinary visits, Puppy Classes as well as future Manners classes, food (and treats of course!), equipment (like crates, leashes, harnesses etc), kongs and other chew and tug toys, pet insurance, and grooming expenses. Of course there will be many other things down the road, but these are a great place to start!


Stefania Butkovic

Mindful Mutts

9 Sixth Street,
New Westminster, BC V3L 1B1

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What are common Denture Problems?

If you wear dentures, it is very important you keep your mouth clean and healthy. You should also only wear dentures that fit properly. Otherwise, the following problems may occur:

• Gum and mouth irritation
• Problems eating and speaking
• Dentures that move around in your mouth
• Mouth infections
• Over closed bite
• Cracking at the corners of the mouth
• Bacteria build up
• Aesthetically displeasing

If you have problems with your dentures, see your Denturist right away. Your dentures may need to be adjusted or replaced.

Make sure your dentures fit. Over time, your gums and bones will change and your dentures won't fit as well. When this happens, your dentures need to be adjusted, relined, or replaced by your Denturist.

Quan Gifford R.D.
Registered Denturist,
Denture Clinic Owner & Operator


522 Seventh St, #270,
New Westminster, BC V3M 5T5

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Window Covering


Does Budget Blinds offer child safe window coverings?

Budget Blinds is dedicated to keeping your child safe with our cordless window covering options. There are a variety of options to choose from like our cordless child-safe blinds that include our safety-first, cordless shades with retractable lifts, as well as motorized options that can be used with the touch of a button on your remote or your smart speaker. which minimize the risk of accidents or injury and reducing hazards for your kids and pets. All the while, providing style and flare to your room décor. All Budget Blinds window coverings are custom fit to your windows. We do it all for you from measuring, to installation so you can sit back and relax.

If you are looking into making your home safer, call us today for a free In Home consultation.

Clay & Lacey Tierney

Budget Blinds

#205-810 Quayside Dr. NewWestminster BC V3M 6B9

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Window CoveringFinance



How do I choose a toothpaste?

Since there is no “silver bullet” toothpaste, the best option for you will depend on the specific needs of your mouth. As a general rule, the most important ingredient of any toothpaste is fluoride for cavity control. If you choose a toothpaste without fluoride for personal reasons, be aware that more frequent brushing and flossing might be needed to prevent cavities. Beyond fluoride, a good place to start your search is by asking your dentist what areas of your mouth could use improvement. For example, if you have a lot of plaque build-up, a toothpaste aimed at tartar control would be best for you. Some other useful toothpaste options include anti-sensitivity, tooth whitening, and gum care. It is also wise to choose a toothpaste that has received the Canadian Dental Association seal of approval. Any toothpaste that has received this approval is safe to use and will help you keep your teeth their healthiest!

Dr. Ajand Nobahari

Dr. Lovely & Associates

609 6th St,
New Westminster, BC, V3L 3C1

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Help! My investment portfolio is down and it’s making me really nervous, what should I do?

First, ask yourself when you’ll need to access that money.  If it is a long way off, will your investment have time to recover? If it’s a shorter time frame, you might need reconsider your strategy, but don’t jump to change things right away, as losses are solidified when you sell.  Remember you hold units in funds, or shares in stocks,  and even if the price is down now, you still hold the same number of units or shares which can recover later. Is the cause of the losses something that will directly impact the specific companies that you’ve invested in?  If so, look at the sectors of the economy that will profit during this time and diversify by adding or increasing holdings in those sectors.

Christine Conway  

Braun Financial Services

555 6th Street #325, NewWestminster, BC V3L 5H1

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Are family assets divided differently upon separation if you are common-lawand not married?

The 1867 British North America Act (BNA) created the legal framework of Canada, assigning different responsibilities or jurisdictions of activities to the Federal and Provincial Governments, as listed in sections 91 and 92 of the BNA eg divorce is a Federal responsibility but the division of family assets is a Provincial responsibility. Upon a marital separation in British Columbia, the 2013 Family LawAct (FLA) directs spouses to start with an equal share of the assets & debts acquired during their marriage. However, some analysis is required including whether assets or debts can be“excluded”, and whether there are grounds for a different result than an equal share. Since 2013 at least, it does not matter if your marriage was common-law or same-sex or otherwise. WeCanHelp@seatoskylaw.com 778-728-0208.

Andrew Liggett, BA JD CD
Barrister & Solicitor

Sea To Sky Law Corporation

Suite 201-65 Richmond Street, New Westminster, BC V3L 5P5

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What products do Budget Blinds Offer?

Clay & Lacey Tierney

Budget Blinds

#205-810 Quayside Dr,
New Westminster, BC, V3M 6B9

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We offer an array of products from Blinds, Shades, shutters, Drapery, motorization, and home automation.

The most popular window coverings sold today are solar shades and cellular shades due to theIr modern sleek style and their energy efficiency benefits. Meaning, These style of shades help cool your home in the summer and help to lock in the heat in the winter. It’s a win win!

What are the most popular window coverings?

At Budget Blinds, our trained window covering consultants come and bring the showroom to you. During your Free in home consultation, We will help inform you of which products will best fit your home based on your needs as well as choose a design that compliments your décor. All our products at Budget Blinds are custom fit and ordered to your specific windows to ensure the perfect fit.

How do I know I am choosing the right product for my home?

I have never bought window covering before, How does the process work?

At Budget Blinds, we offer free in home consultations. Once you book a time with us, our trained consultant will come measure your windows and help you pick the best possible product for your home based on your wants and needs. Once your product is ready for installation we will have our expert installers come and professionally install your window coverings so you can just sit back and relax!

Does Budget Blinds offer a warranty for there window coverings?

Yes! In fact, Budget Blinds has the best warranty in the business. We proudly offer a 5 year No Questions asked warranty. This means, if anything happens to damage your window coverings for example a pet scratches your shades or paint gets spilled on them, we will come out and replace them for free within the 5 years after your initial purchase. You can’t beat that!