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What happens if I break or chip my dentures?

The best solution is to return to the Denturist who made your dentures and have the cracked denture repaired professionally. It may seem easy to fix, but it is important that the repair is done correctly to prevent problems with chewing and avoid any sore spots. The Denturist also needs to check the denture and adjust it after it is repaired. The denture may be too old and may no longer fit closely to your gums, and you may need a new denture. Do not try to glue it together yourself, it can be toxic as well it can displace your bite if done incorrectly.

Quan Gifford R.D.
Owner & Operator


#270-522 Seventh St,
New Westminster, BC V3M 5T5

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Window Coverings


I just bought beautiful shades from Budget Blinds, how do I clean them?

If you have a cellular or honeycomb shade, Dust them with a feather duster, or lightly vacuum with an upholstery attachment. For dust inside the cells, a blow dryer on the lowest, cool air setting will blow the dust out. Clean with a sponge and a mild detergent/warm water solution and blot dry. Dry cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning are not recommended. Extra care should be used when cleaning opaque/blackout fabrics, as the fabrics could become permanently creased.

If you have a Solar shade, to keep them clean you would Lightly vacuum both sides of the shade using a brush or upholstery attachment. Softly brush with a mild detergent and warm water solution. Rinse thoroughly and allow the shade to dry completely before raising it. Do not immerse them in water.

Clay & Lacey Tierney

Budget Blinds

#205-810 Quayside Dr. NewWestminster BC V3M 6B9

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Window Covering



How do I choose a toothpaste?

Since there is no “silver bullet” toothpaste, the best option for you will depend on the specific needs of your mouth. As a general rule, the most important ingredient of any toothpaste is fluoride for cavity control. If you choose a toothpaste without fluoride for personal reasons, be aware that more frequent brushing and flossing might be needed to prevent cavities. Beyond fluoride, a good place to start your search is by asking your dentist what areas of your mouth could use improvement. For example, if you have a lot of plaque build-up, a toothpaste aimed at tartar control would be best for you. Some other useful toothpaste options include anti-sensitivity, tooth whitening, and gum care. It is also wise to choose a toothpaste that has received the Canadian Dental Association seal of approval. Any toothpaste that has received this approval is safe to use and will help you keep your teeth their healthiest!

Dr. Nobohari

Dr. Lovely & Associates

609 6th St,
New Westminster, BC, V3L 3C1

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I want to get more knowledgeable about my finances, where should I begin?

Start with our podcast, “It’s Personal Finance Canada” that’s available on all major hosting platforms. Already we’re in the top 5% of most followed education podcasts globally on Spotify, not too bad for a couple of Canadians. If you want to get information and be entertained in the process, check it out!

If you’re looking for more hands-on advice or have something specific you’d like to explore, we can help with financial goal setting with action steps, financial planning, insurance, investments, health & dental as well as retirement or estate planning. It’s nice to have a professional tell you if you’re on track to meeting your goals or what you would need to do to achieve them. We’re here to help you every step of the way, through the different stages of life.

Finally, if you’re looking for a place to engage with others about personal finance and ask questions, feel free to join our new It's Personal Finance Canada Facebook group and Facebook discussion group. We take suggestions from the members about what to talk about on the podcast, started a book club, and I recently shared about my seven days no spend challenge. It would be great to see you there!”

Christine Conway 

Braun Financial Services

555 6th Street #325,
New Westminster, BC, V3L 5H1

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What is Corporate Accountability?

Andrew Liggett, BA JD CD
Barrister & Solicitor

Sea To Sky Law Corporation

109-245 E Columbia St.
New Westminster, BC V3L 3W4

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www.Investopedia.com says the four pillars of corporate governance accountability are accountability, transparency, fairness, responsibility, and risk management. Further, as one can read in the news, large public corporations, meaning shares can be purchased by anyone on the stock market, can be held liable for breaches of criminal laws as well as breaches of regulations such as environmental protections.

This corporate responsibility occurs because corporations are separate legal individuals like humans thus most laws that apply to us as humans also apply to corporations. In addition, there are unique laws that also apply to corporations. Further, there are specific laws that impose personal liability on the Directors and even officers of the Corporations despite the intent of most shareholders to protect themselves from personal liability for any of their business wrongs. 

In addition to any legal wrongs that allow a court to pierce the ”corporate veil”, some legislation specifically imposes personal liability such as the Directors are liable for unpaid corporate taxes or wages owed to employees, so if the human shareholder is a Director then the human becomes liable as a Director not as a shareholder. It is important to note that small privately owned corporations, like most small businesses, are also subject to the laws and principles affecting corporate accountability.  

At Sea to Sky LawCorporation, We have decades of experience to help you. 

It is easy to book an appointment online: www.SAPPERTONlaw.ca then complete with our Administrator the LawSociety requirements like ID and conflict check: 778-728-0208





What is Happier AgingTM?

Wendy J Scott 

Nurse Next Door

#209-88 Tenth St, 
New Westminster, BC, V3M 6H8

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Happier AgingTM means reconnecting seniors with interests, hobbies, and passions that might have gotten lost amid busy schedules, health concerns, or other distractions.

What do Scientists have to say about what makes older adults happy? 

Researchers have found that seniors in their 80s and 90s, and older adults generally report higher levels of contentment and well-being than teenagers and young adults. According to the New York Times, gerontologists call this the paradox of old age. Older people who have lived through and coped with many challenges and losses in their lives are resilient. 

According to a study in The Gerontologist, accepting aging and adapting to age-related changes is vital to successful aging and well-being. 

Frequent social participation and interaction contributes to the mental health and well-being of Canadian seniors according to a Statistic Canada study on healthy aging. 

Active engagement in life through physical, mental, and social activities is a key component of successful aging and life satisfaction, according to researchers from Toronto’s York University. Their study found that physically active older adults were more than twice as likely to successfully age. 

As people get older, they become better at regulating their emotional health and looking at experiences and challenges with a positive attitude, according to a Stanford Centre on Longevity study. 

The University of Toronto researchers also found that formal volunteering reduced depression and increased psychological well-being. 

Lifelong, ongoing learning boosts the life satisfaction and happiness of older adults, while also improving their physical and mental health, according to a University of Manitoba study.



Do I need a doctor’s referral to book an appointment?

No, just give us a call or visit our online booking site. Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Registered Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, and Acupuncturists are considered primary contact healthcare professionals in Canada. This means you can consult them directly, no referral needed! Plus, we offer private treatments, personalized care plans, and direct billing to most insurance companies. Our team of health professionals are here to help if you’re suffering from pain. Following a comprehensive assessment, we will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan. From there, a combination of supervised exercise, massage, manual therapy, and other treatments will be used to help you recover faster. 

Here are some of our key treatments:

  • Chiropractic Care 
  • Orthotics 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Dry Needling 
  • Acupuncture 
  • Facial Rejuvenation 
  • Acupressure Massage 
  • Cupping 
  • Registered Massage Therapy 
  • Naturopathic Medicine 
  • Pelvic Health Care 

Get back to the active, healthy life you want and deserve!

Rebecca Yu
Owner & Founder

Royal Treatment Therapeutics

#102-7777 Royal Oak Ave. 
Burnaby, BC, V5J 4K2

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#205-5501 Kingsway. 
Burnaby, BC, V5H 2G3

Royal Oak



Digital Strategy


What is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored Content is a brand-sponsored article that lives on a media publisher’s website. It looks and reads like the publication's own content but is, in fact, a paid advertisement. It positions the brand as an expert by delivering interesting content that is relevant to a publisher’s audience. 

As we move further down the digital road, it’s important to connect with your audience online. Not merely advertise products and services… spark interest, answer questions, and educate readers with valuable information. One example of this would be for a Realtor to sponsor an article on “How to turn your Basement Suite into a Rental Unit?” A Travel Agency could talk about “5 Best Trips to Cure the Winter Blues!” Maybe a Yoga Studio discusses “The Health Benefits of Maintaining a Good Work-Life Balance?” The general idea is to provide your audience with helpful, interesting, and even must-read articles… sponsored by your business of course! It’s a softer, but more memorable sell, presented in a journalistic style. 

Sponsored Content builds brand trust & credibility when used effectively can drive online traffic and engagement by leaps 
and bounds!!

Neeta Dhillon
Digital Media Specialist

Glacier Media Digital

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What is Heat Stroke?

Heat stroke occurs when the body is unable to regulate temperature and is unable to cool down. The body loses its ability to sweat and temperature can rapidly rise to 106°F or higher. If left untreated, heat stroke can lead to death or permanent disability. Senior citizens (aged 65 years and older) are particularly more vulnerable to hot weather. There are many reasons for this, including obesity and existing health problems in some individuals. Seniors with heart disease, for instance, might find it more difficult for their bodies to circulate blood properly and dissipate heat.

  • High body temperature (103°F or higher) 
  • Hot, red, dry, or damp skin 
  • Fast, strong pulse 
  • Headache 
  • Feeling dizzy 
  • Nausea
  • Feeling confused 
  • Losing consciousness (passing out) 
  • Call 911 right away- heat stroke is a medical emergency
  •  Move the person to a cooler place 
  • Help lower the person’s temperature with cool cloths or a cool bath 
  • Do not give the person anything to drink

http://www.medicaldaily.com/what-heat-stroke-recognizingsymptoms- elderly-246874

Wendy J. Scott

Nurse Next Door

#209-88 Tenth St, 
New Westminster, BC, V3M 6H8

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